• Product: 100% handsfree...passive or active...100% risk Free...everyone is successful (according to the company)!
  • Participation: one-time $ 97 for top position in matrix (*from soft launch $ 147) + from launch starter pack $ 150**
  • Registration: Click HERE and click then on the blue button, but also read our Important page
  • Profit $ 150 potentially becomes $ 2,000,000 and more from launch with active participation
  • Payout daily... unlimited
  • Activity: 100% done-for-you...
  • Accounts: multiple accounts p.p. are possible, provided each time with a different email address
  • Network: optional
  • Company: debt-free
  • Video presentation: click HERE
  • Offices: various offices including a 5-story building for 1000 employees in Hydarabat (India) with a lease contract for 9 years and another building in Hydarabat for possible extension.
    As of November 2, 2020, 3 floors will be in use for 400 employees and the rest in December 2020.

* The Soft-launch is to test the Wallet and the Marketing campaigns.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the following incomes are possible without sales ... without marketing ... without building a network:
Year 1: potential income of $43.173, -          ....yearly!!! 
Year 2: potential income of  $350.811, -       ....yearly!!! 
Year 3: potential income of $674.497, -        ....yearly!!! 
Year 4: potential income of  $1.442.124,  -   ....yearly!!! 
Year 5: potential income of  $2.032.614,    - ....yearly!!! 

To obtain referrals (your network):

  1. Via Bonus account
  2. Via spillover (from upline)
  3. Personal efforts
  4. Traffic packages
  5. Influencers
  6. OnPassive products (OConnect/ ONet/ OmyLife etc.) 

Pay attention: with active participation (building a network), $ 2,000,000 can be reached faster than 5 years.              
                         With passive participation, it can take longer than 5 years, but even $ 350,000 a year is a fantastic income if you don't 
                         have to do anything yourself ...

The extra benefits for founders:

  • Founders are shareholders and billions will be divided among them...!!!
  • Before launch, the company will conduct various campaigns to attract new members (affiliates) which will then be distributed exclusively among the founders. After the launch (expected at the end of 2020, early 2021) you can NEVER register as a founder.
    When placing these affiliates with Founders, the date of registration of the Founder and the number of members that the Founder has registered himself is considered.
  • Top position in the matrix
  • Exclusive founders website with the option to brainstorm and give feedback in the beta version
  • FREE advertising and marketing for 1 year
  • Above 100 million customers (with all the financial benefits that this entails) expected in the first year ...


Registration: Click HERE 

Compensation plan:

  1. From 3 referrals you're free of payments
  2. Repeat this 5x and the annual income is $ 100,000 or more
  3. Repeat this 5x and the annual income is $ 1,000,000 or more
  4. Repeat this one more time and the annual income is $ 10,000,000 or more.
    * The exact information will be announced in time and will be posted on the OnPassive website

The purchase of a matrix starter package is necessary from launch. This will likely be $ 150.
Matrix 3 and 4 are automatically purchased from the commission earned.
The starter package includes its own website with its own domain name (to be chosen if still available) / digital programs and traffic. If you do not yet have 3 referrals, the digital programs and traffic will be paused until you have 3 referrals via the above options (obtain referrals). This makes it almost impossible not to get 3 referrals.
The image below is still being adjusted. Earnings now go up to 15 levels deep and the $ 25 matrix will expire.

                                          UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ASK 'HOW MUCH IT'S COSTS'

                                            SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ASK 'HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE'

Registration: Click HERE