Update July 16, 2022
There are 10-12 products released per year and to give everyone a chance, one can start with a cheap package (e.g. $50), and once there is enough money one can upgrade to a more expensive package (e.g. $150).

Some features of the O-Wallet:
- The wallet is approved in 196 countries, 120 currencies, and 6 different payout methods.
- If someone has multiple accounts, multiple O-Wallets can be linked.
- There are multiple layers of security (including facial recognition)
- Working with O-coins (ecosystem)
- KYC is needed
An O-mail address can also be created. To do this, first sign the User term and Conditions with your name and then choose an email address ....@omail.ai

Support from O-Passive can only be reached via the website (top right of the O-Founders website)

Update July 5, 2022
Important: Onpassive will generate passive income for everyone, but commissions will only be paid AFTER you have paid the FIRST MONTH and purchased the product! People with a network may already see earnings in their wallet, but they also have to pay the 1st month before they can withdraw funds. This is a smart move by the company because it prevents everyone from waiting for each other!
Via your own referral link, you can invite customers and resellers to try the products for FREE, but they too can only withdraw any earnings after they have bought the product themselves!
Products will be sold separately or in combination packages and there is a commission to earn on everything.
The full summary can be read in your Back Office under the heading Updates.
Also, make sure that you have signed the NDA for all products separately and that your name and address details are correct!

Update June 22, 2022
From this moment on, no one can become a shareholder anymore, only customers will be added whose proceeds are largely distributed among the shareholders. We are currently in the soft launch for about 3 months.

The O-wallet is fully developed and an agreement has been signed with 196 countries. From now on everything has to be integrated and tested and that takes about 3-4 weeks. A KYC (know your customer) is only requested upon withdrawal of money and there will be good guidance and training.

A decision is now also being made about the delivery of the products. The products can be delivered in the back office, on onpassive.com, or as a temporary stand-alone offer, we'll have to wait and see.

The first multi-regional in-house data center is ready and the equipment has been purchased and integrated. The work for the next data center will be green and highly sophisticated.

Update June 9, 2022
You can still become a Gofounder (shareholder) until June 22 at 21:00 pm! 
According to the sponsor of my upline (he now has over 3,000 direct referrals!) you can become a millionaire after about 2.5 years (and that with only 1 account without referrals).
Of course, you can have multiple accounts (provided you use a different email address each time) and you will earn faster and more if you register people.
So be quick and register via THIS link (payments via debit card take about 5 min and payments in crypto about 2 days)

Update April 16, 2022
The soft launch has started and you will soon no longer be able to become a shareholder. Once the hard launch starts, only customers will be registered and these customers will be 100% allocated to the shareholders. Passive Income!!!
Register quickly for only $97,-: HERE
Below are several videos from:
- the start of the marketing campaign
- a promo video (send it to your friends and acquaintances)
- videos about the various software programs
- the exclusive Inpassive song

Update April 3, 2022


Update November 27, 2021: including the new website O-founders!: click HERE

See some screenshot previews below...
You can also see a video of the head office with 1000+ employees HERE


  • Activity: 100% handsfree...passive or active...100% risk-Free...everyone is successful (according to the company)!
  • Company: an Artificial Intelligence/ Information & Tech company (AI / IT) with all technology and software in ownership
  • Product: 1 simple interface with more than 50 business and personal applications/tools/software programs
  • Teaser: VIDEO
  • Participation: one-time $ 97 for top position in matrix (founder)(*from soft launch $ 147) + starter pack appr. $ 150**
  • Registration: Click HERE and click then on the blue button, but also read our Important page
  • Profit: Passive participation will potentially reach $ 2,000,000 within a few years from launch (end of 2020)
  • Payout daily... unlimited
  • Accounts: multiple accounts p.p. are possible (linkable), provided each time with a different email address
  • Network: optional and rewarding. The earnings can be reached faster and no monthly costs from 3 referrals
  • Company: debt-free. Staff consists of former employees of JP Morgan / Apple / Google / Twitter / Wells Fargo etc.
  • Offices: offices in Florida and India with over 1.000 employees
  • Newspaper article: read HERE

A Unicorn company is a privately held tech startup company worth over $ 1 billion. OnPassive is expected to achieve this in 2021 and then fall into the category of Apple / Microsoft / Facebook / Google, among others.
Intel took 16 years to do this. Netflix 10 years. IBM and Apple 8 years. Facebook 6 years and Microsoft and Google 5 years!


*** GoFounders  
*** GoPassive  
*** O-tracker  
*** O-Bless
*** O-Cademy

Update November 1, 2021

  • A 2-story office has been opened in Bangladesh and the government is a strong supporter of OnPassive
  • All 2019 unpaid accounts will be removed from the system by the end of this week
  • Soon, open positions in 2020 will also be flushed out if not activated.
  • On Wednesday 3 November O-Founders will go through the final assessment, it is ready and completed.
  • O-Trim, O-Tracker, O-Mail, O-Lead, O-Bot, and O-Network are being integrated into the new O-Founders website.
  • O-Founders will have a hotline that will operate 24/7 for support and a ticketing system will be available soon.
  • Each account has a one-time password (OTP). For security reasons, an email is sent every time you log in for a code & Captcha. Do not change your login e-mail address with the new O-Mail.
  • O-Mail.ai will be removed when we all have a domain name for all paid and activated founders at the global launch. In comparison, O-Mail is ahead of everything out there, such as Yahoo, Outlook, or Gmail.
  • O-Wallet was done and completed last summer, they are still awaiting final approval from the government and merchants.
  • They are now just counting down the days but not announcing a date because they have no control over it.
  • All founders fees ($97) they received from 2018 to now have not been touched, not a single withdrawal, that is a ZERO withdrawal.                                                                

** The starter package will be paid (see Participation) at launch, which is expected to be early in 2021.
After the launch, you can no longer register as a founder (shareholder). After this, the focus of the company is on the consumers who buy the software packages.
GoFounders and GoPassive are registered in the US with an office in Florida. They will also register in the jurisdiction of India, where they have now moved into a 5-story office building, which is why the soft launch has been postponed slightly.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook), Zoom, Skype, Facebook, VPN, Calendar, Google, Netscape, Mailbird, etc., etc. are programs with which the developer/owner has become very rich.

The founder of OnPassive has developed more than 50 such programs in-house, which means
- the programs are cheaper to purchase
- the programs are compatible with each other
- the programs perform better, partly thanks to Artificial Intelligence
- the programs are accessible from 1 simple interface
- the programs, each individually, can yield multi-millions / billions
- The proceeds of these programs go to the shareholders .. !!



O-Mail: Email accounts - Similar to Gmail/ Hotmail/ Outlook




O-Capture: capture screens - Similar to Screencast O-Matic/ Movavi




O-Bless: Crowdfunding platforms - Similar to Kickstarter/ Gofundme




O-Connect: Webinar platforms - Similar to Zoom/ Skype/ GoToWebinar




O-Academy: Virtual classrooms - Similar to Google Classroom/ Zoom academy




O-Mylife: Social Media - Similar to Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Youtube




To Be Advised: Sales funnels and marketing platforms - Similar to Mail Chimp/ Aweber/ Clickfunnels




To Be Advised: Domain- and Webhosting and Webdesign - Similar to GoDaddy/ WordPress



Example costs of Zoom:
For 500 Guests: Monthly Fee $ 140
For 1,000 guests: Monthly cost $ 340
For 3,000 guests: Monthly cost $ 990
For 5,000 Guests: Monthly Fee $ 2,490
For 10,000 guests: Monthly cost $ 6,490

O-Connect: unlimited guests included in the monthly fee ($ 150 - $ 250)

GoPassive 100% done for you:

You will receive your own domain which GoPassive will promote FOR YOU

  • GoPassive finds buyers FOR YOU
  • GoPassive presents the company FOR YOU
  • GoPassive does the follow-up FOR YOU
  • GoPassive sells the products FOR YOU
  • GoPassive does the customer service FOR YOU
  • GoPassive arranges the automatic registrations FOR YOU 
  • Everything is done FOR YOU
    ... and best of all, it is done with AI and there is NO competing company out there that can offer it!

GoFounders membership is renewed each year by the commission earned from the year before.

The starter package includes your own website with your own domain name (you can choose it yourself if still available) / digital software programs with AI and the 100% done-for-you.
If you do not have 3 referrals after the Softlaunch, the digital programs and traffic will be paused until you have 3 referrals via the above options (see getting referrals). This makes it almost impossible not to get 3 referrals.

* The Soft-launch is to test the Wallet and the Marketing campaigns.
Shareholders will automatically receive referrals from the marketing campaigns that the company will conduct.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the following incomes are possible without sales ... without marketing ... without building a network:
Year 1: potential income of $6,000, -          ....yearly!!! 
Year 2: potential income of $43,000, -        ....yearly!!! 
Year 3: potential income of $350,000, -      ....yearly!!! 
Year 4: potential income of $1,000,000,  -  ....yearly!!! 
Year 5: potential income of $2,000,000    - ....yearly!!! 

To obtain referrals (your network):

  1. Via Bonus account
  2. Via spillover (from upline)
  3. Personal efforts
  4. Traffic packages
  5. Influencers
  6. OnPassive products (OConnect/ ONet/ OmyLife etc.) 

Important: with active participation (building a network), $ 2,000,000 can be reached faster than 5 years.              
                   With passive participation, it can take longer than 5 years, but even $ 350,000 a year is a fantastic income if you don't 
                    have to do anything yourself ...

The extra benefits for founders:

  • Founders are shareholders and billions will be divided among them, including advertise revenue...!!!
  • Before launch, the company will conduct various campaigns to attract new members (affiliates) which will then be distributed exclusively among the founders. After the launch (expected at the end of 2020, early 2021) you can NEVER register as a founder. Customers will pay the same monthly fee for the starter pack as the founders, except that customers will pay for it out of pocket, so paying a one-time fee of $ 97 is a huge advantage!
    When placing these affiliates with Founders, the date of registration of the Founder and the number of members that the Founder has registered himself is considered.
  • Top position in the matrix
  • Exclusive founders website with the option to brainstorm and give feedback in the beta version
  • FREE advertising and marketing for 1 year
  • Above 100 million customers (with all the financial benefits that this entails) expected in the first year ...


Registration: Click HERE 

Compensation plan:

  1. From 3 referrals you're free of payments
  2. Repeat this 5x and the annual income is $ 100,000 or more
  3. Repeat this 5x and the annual income is $ 1,000,000 or more
  4. Repeat this one more time and the annual income is $ 10,000,000 or more.
    * The exact information will be announced in time and will be posted on the OnPassive website


                                          UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ASK 'HOW MUCH IT'S COSTS'

                                            SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ASK 'HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE'

Registration: Click HERE