Warning and disclaimer
The rights to the logo, trade name, company concept, and other expressions used by Cleo Company remain at Cleo Company at all times. It is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce, or otherwise imitate, duplicate and/or disclose this without the prior written consent of Cleo Company, in violation of a direct claimable fine of € 5,000, - per violation, as well as € 500, - for each day that violation continues.

At Cleo Company, we primarily act in the interests of the customer. This also means that we consider it important to share with you all the information that is known to us about the product discussed. Keeping good care of your customers also means warning them for any risks you can encounter.

Risk-avoiding investment strategy prevents you from getting hit when one investment product hits a crisis.

What does the spreading of risk mean in practice?
1: Inform yourself: make a decision based on all of the available information
2: Advise yourself: Make your own analyzes and trust your judgment
3: Reinvest your profits: create exponential asset growth
4: Be patient: a philosophy for the long(er) term gives daily rest
5: Diversify: Choose different growth markets
6: Invest only what you can afford to lose: things might go wrong!

So ... spread your risks and returns!!

1: Do NOT invest if you can only earn money by applying other people
2: Do NOT invest if you can not get the profit out of it

We advise and apply the following rules of conduct:

  1. Only invest money that you do not need immediately
  2. Get your initial deposit out as soon as possible
  3. Invest in systems that are clear about their business
  4. Invest in systems that demonstrably have an office, preferably in Europe
  5. Invest as much as possible in systems with a financial license
  6. Make sure you have a direct line of contact with your upline, who can always help you
  7. Spread your money across multiple systems
  8. If you invest in a risky system, calculate a loss
  9. Use your brain!!


In addition, we consider it important that you are aware of the following:

All financial products that are traded with a leverage effect, hold a high degree of risk to your capital. Make sure you fully understand these risks and, if necessary, collect independent advice. Past performances do not provide a guarantee for performances in the future.
This is an informative website about financial systems. We do our utmost to provide reliable information, but we do not provide investment advice or other financial advice. All decisions made by the visitor based on the content of this website are at their own risk and responsibility of the visitor; neither the systems nor its owners or the owners of this website can be held liable for their results. Opinions, news reports, surveys, analyzes, prices and other information listed on this website are offered as general market commentary, and do not contain investment advice.


The sale of investment products

We would like to remind you that the advising and selling of investment products, without having the necessary licenses and training, is strictly prohibited and may even lead to imprisonment.

Now, this is clear, the following: at QW Lianora Swiss we are safe!

QW Lianora Swiss An Advertising Broker (Advertising Mediator)
As an advertising broker Affiliate, we bring our relationships into contact with Five Winds Asset Management and we receive Affiliate Bonuses in realizing new sales (... not on recruitment!) And for this we do not need any licenses.
Affiliate marketing is completely legally regulated.

QW Lianora Swiss does not sell any financial products and therefore does not require any licenses.

When someone decides independently to become a customer, he or she directly obtains his Investment Instrument at Five Winds AM. As a provider, Five Winds AM has all licenses and rights to do so.
So we can expand our affiliate marketing business worldwide!

Miranda & Marcel
Cleo Company

We wish you lots of fun and success with the program or programs of your choice!