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We do not respond to personal emails and phone calls regarding the status of Five Winds.  Below what we know so far. Keep in mind that this has not yet been confirmed through official sources and that things might change.


Update August 20, 2021 (Source Alexander Kästli)

DBS Vickers (DBSV), a division of DBS Bank, has received general approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Payment Services Act (PS Act) to provide digital token services as a major payment institution. DBSV is one of the few financial institutions to receive such approval. DBSV is working on the necessary follow-up measures to meet the MAS requirements for a permit.

Once the license is granted, DBSV as a member of the DBS Digital Exchange (DDEx) will be able to directly support asset managers and businesses in trading digital pay tokens via DDEx.

The company has confirmed to Alexander several times that everything will be fine and all information, reports, and tips will of course appear after the start and not before the start...!! Alexander also does not know when the company will open.

Our advice: take the above as general background information and wait patiently. We will not respond to personal questions!

Update June 1, 2021 (Source Alexander Kästli. Note: sending personal messages is not allowed!)

QFS (Quantum Financial System) is online!
The QFS is a very important piece of the financial puzzle. Without this, it would never have been possible to start. Now we are anxiously waiting for the company to get in touch. As you have noticed, everything takes a reasonable amount of time. From now on a domino effect will be activated and set in motion one by one in the financial world. Everything we need, what the company needs, is now continuously fulfilled!
So wait patiently for the company to officially speak to you all.

Update March 7, 2021 (Source Alexander Kästli. Note: sending personal messages is not allowed!)

  1. From launch, the return will be 2.5% per week for 1 year.
  2. 10% commission is deducted from this.
  3. Subsequently, at least 50% must be reinvested. This is for building the business
  4. This measure will be reviewed after 1 year

Update March 3, 2021

Below you will find a short impression from an interview with a very reliable source from which we think we can conclude that it will not take too long before the reopening is a fact...

When do we get finally more news about Questra and Fivewinds/AGAM. We are already in March and don't now anything about the headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore.

At the moment no one can know anything and it is still as was told that new information will come only at the reboot. No time was also deliberately communicated so that no one has an expectation. It will launch when it can launch. Not before. I can only say this much, that the preparations are going very well. Let's let the company do what they have to do, and it will come out for the best.

So you assure us with your statement that the company still exists under a different name and is preparing to resume its services? Are you really sure about this?

I wouldn't say it if it wasn't.

Not long after this, it was announced that we can prepare ourselves because it will not be long now ...

Although no definitive date has yet been set, it seems inevitable that the waiting will now come to an end in a relatively short period of time and we will all be rewarded for our patience.