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We receive many questions about Five Winds/ Agam and the progress of the reorganization. Below what we know so far. Keep in mind that this has not yet been confirmed through official sources and that things might change.




Update of February 20, 2020:

  • The new company is affiliated with the AIA or CRS (Common Reporting Standard or automatic data exchange). This means that the company is obliged to pass on all data to the tax authorities of the member countries. As far as is known, only Montenegro and Georgia fall outside this scheme. It is therefore in everyone's own interest to properly declare everything to the Tax authorities!
  • It still seems that we will receive an official message from the new company at the end of April and that we can withdraw or reinvest funds from May onwards. Just wait for this message and do not make the mistake of logging in to the Fake websites that are currently in circulation .. !!
  • In the meantime, everyone can prepare in advance by providing a valid ID-proof, a Proof of Address (not older than 3 months) and possibly someone in the immediate vicinity who can help you install the App on your mobile and other things that need to be arranged. It is also important that you have at least one of the following details:

- the 'old' login details
- the e-mail address with which you are registered
- the mobile number with which you are registered
- a print screen of your investment (the last one was in March 2019)
- in the event of death, a death certificate with which you can prove that you are a legitimate heir

Update of October 23, 2019:
The new company (merger of Five Winds and AGAM) will definitely be launched at the end of April 2020!
Below only positive news ...

  • The members of AGAM receive a nice financial bonus
  • The members of Five Winds receive a capital cut of only 37%
  • The expected 1% return cost on the weekly return is canceled!
  • The average return is now 2.5% weekly
  • The recording option is not 50% but 100%
  • No more annual expiring packages, but 1 investment amount
  • The different commission costs of 3-39% are now only 10% for everyone
  • We can register new members 6 months after opening
  • The new websites are ready but these are promotional websites without a back office. You can access your account via the App
  • The company will undergo an audit twice a year

The head office is in Hong Kong and the trading company is in Singapore in connection with the financial license. This is a safe haven.
We get 2 new contracts:

  1. for the members who have invested
  2. for members who introduce new customers. This contract will be stricter and may not be signed by many people. The Asians are extremely strict and precise on compliance with contracts, so read everything carefully! The commissions on introducing new members will be significantly lower than before.

Log in for the first time at the end of April 2020:

  • The first time you log in is via e-mail address/telephone number or account number and for that we need to download their App. If you have made a print screen, as we have advised, then everyone will be able to enter one of these 3 options.
  • Immediately after logging in, you must verify with a valid passport or ID + face check via a selfie with your ID in hand. The passport on the selfie must be clearly legible, so ask if someone else takes this photo of you
  • Check your account to see if all funds are present. It is not excluded that errors can occur and if it is not correct then you can a.d.h.v. provide proof of the print screens.

This is probably the last update before the company opens.

Update from August 19, 2019:

  • Contracts have been signed with 2 online banks that can also offer a credit card. Negotiations are still ongoing with a possible 3rd party.
  • We get our own blockchain, which will make crypto payments in and out quick and smooth. This blockchain will be ready in October (is now 80% ready)
  • The new website is ready in 3 languages and Alexander has offered to take care of the translation into German
  • The next update may not be until October

Update from August 4, 2019:
Alexander Kästli personally met the successor of Andrej Abakoumov on Saturday 27 July. He had traveled from Hong Kong to Switzerland and is proficient in the English language because he was educated in Boston. He was allowed to speak on behalf of the CEO of the new company in Hong Kong. The name will be announced at launch, but we know it comes from a well-respected family and it appears to be a very expressive and charismatic man.
The information provided by Alexander comes directly from a high-ranking party within the new company!
The reason that the company is still not making official announcements is that the risk is too great that they will be sued again (wrongly), which would unnecessarily obstruct the public launch.
The following information could now be 'leaked':

  • The moment the company is launched, this will be publicly announced. We have 4 weeks to reinvest everything. People who have lost their password or if telephone numbers have changed, etc.can request a new password. To this end, a full team of young Chinese students is appointed who are a.d.h.v. video verification will determine whether the applicant is the rightful owner of the account;
  • As mentioned earlier, the 4 companies are reunited in 2 new companies, t.w. 1 marketing company and 1 investment company. The old company is still based in Madrid and registered on the Cape Verde islands, but everything is being transferred to Hong Kong. The new name will be announced at the launch;
  • The new websites are completely ready and go online at the launch. The websites have a typical Chinese appearance; modern and colorful and with a new coat of arms. The website consultant, Mr Abakoumov, who has also translated the case file, has finished his work and is no longer working at the firm;
  • The network structures are brought together, so the Five Winds network is again linked to the AGAM network. This is good news for those who have built a network outside of Europe;
  • The current investment packages are frozen and therefore cannot expire after 365 days;
  • Weekly returns are currently running between 5% and 5.5%. These benefit the new company, reducing the expected capital cut of 73% by around 3% per month. In December 2019 the capital cut will only be 52%;
  • In the new company, individual packages or VIP packages will no longer be used, but participants can participate from a minimum amount. The maximum amount that may be invested is not yet known;
  • The weekly costs that are calculated on the realized return will be 10% as standard;
  • The invested amount will no longer have an end date. It therefore never expires;
  • From now on it will also be possible to withdraw the invested amount (in part), taking into account the payment of a fine (comparable with early repayment), unless the minimum period has expired;
  • Payments/withdrawals will go through a bank in Hong Kong to our own bank account and via Bitcoin and Ethereum. Contracts are currently being concluded with 2 online banks, 1 with an IBAN number to which a credit card is linked. Transfer to these online banks is done just like via a blockchain ... not by name but via a transaction number. Internal bookings are also possible;
  • Offering your own crypto coin is currently not an issue;
  • The management expects to be able to start everything by April next year at the latest. This is purely dependent on legal assistance and it takes more time than expected. The launch will be published through their own Social Media channels as well as through Alexander Kästli;

In China, making a 5-year plan is common and after all that has happened, we can assume that they will remain active for a long time.
Alexander gives us the consideration that the management in Hong Kong have the responsibility to put everything in order on pain of the death penalty that applies there on drugs and corruption.

Update of June 29, 2019:
Previous updates have now been officially confirmed because the owners of Five Winds / Lianora Swiss and Agam / Questra have extended the registration of the domain names. The provider then 'parked' these domain names (see image).
This is positive news because we can demonstrate that there is indeed an activity behind the scenes.
Both the former owners and the new owners are willing to successfully complete the transfer of the companies, which is why the National Banks of Hong Kong and Russia are sitting together to reach an international agreement. This will take a few months because the legal laws and rules of both countries vary considerably.
As soon as this agreement has been reached, all data of said domain names will be transferred to the new website.


https://questraworld.es expiration date June 30, 2021
https://atlanticgam.es expiration date June 30, 2021 
https://fivewindsam.com expiration date 12 August 12, 2019 (to be renewed)
https://lianoraswiss.com expiration date July 26, 2020 

Update of June 17, 2019:
The expectation is that the lawsuit (started in May 2019) will last at least 6 months. That's just the way it is. On the positive side, people have seen contracts that were recently concluded with new payment systems (such as payments in crypto). Contracts are only concluded with existing companies ...
Yes, it is a disappointment that we have to wait even longer, but on the other hand, it means that the capital cut will be much lower (if it is still needed at all). Why? Because the returns generated by the current 11 trading companies are currently going to the company (members cannot reinvest until the website is operational). Once the € 6.2 billion is reached (which covers the costs of bringing Five Winds and AGAM together and ensuring that the new company is stable in the coming years), a capital cut is no longer necessary.

Update of June 6, 2019:
As long as the international lawsuit runs between the old and the new owners, no official messages may be sent to the customers. How long the trial will take is unknown. Let's hope it doesn't take too long wink

Update of May 20, 2019 ... could it be true ???
According to rumors, the new website with the back office is ready and all legal documents and licenses are 100% in order.
The launch will take place in the period May 30 - June 5, 2019, and then we will also hear the new name of the company.
Why this date..?? When you register a domain (gTLD) or transfer it to another registrar (usually your web hosting provider), the domain will be locked for 60 days. During this period the domain cannot be transferred. It is part of the transfer policy from ICANN and applies to all registrars.
Let's hope these rumors are true!

Update of 8 May 2019: As long as the new websites are not online, we cannot reinvest the weekly returns.
The company does not benefit from these amounts either, so at the moment the money is doing nothing in the accounts (the money used for the trading is from the invested suitcases).

For that reason, the company has decided that we will only receive returns once all functions have been restored. The return now goes directly to the company with the big advantage that the capital cut is, therefore, lower as it takes longer before they open!
This is a professional business solution with a win-win for everyone!

Please note: the new websites will only go online once all functions have been restored. We will receive an official notification of this.
So be careful because there are many fake websites in circulation!

The websites:
Last weekend (13-14 April) the allocation of returns/profits stopped in the weekend because:

  1. There were so many new members registered that weekend that the website was overloaded *
  2. Hackers saw their chance to perform various cyber attacks

(* The news had come out that as soon as Five Winds is open again, we are not allowed to forward any more money internally in the first 6 months and new members cannot deposit money for the first 3-6 months. This was reason enough for people to register and start quickly ...)

Five Winds decided that weekend to take the website offline. A few days later it turned out that the domain holder did not want to increase the risk any further and he took all websites offline. Of course, the hyperlinks remain intact to prevent 'bad' people from using these links for fake websites.
Why don't the 'old' websites go online anymore? The management of Five Winds and Agam have been working for some time on a new joint website with a new back office and it makes no sense for them to put a lot of time, money and attention into the "old" websites.

We are talking about a very large company (the largest investment company in the world) and the preparations, therefore, take a lot of time. So we have to wait a few weeks for the new website to launch. As soon as the website is launched, we have 3-4 weeks to reinvest, after which we can withdraw funds. We can immediately read all information about this at our back office.

The returns:
Currently, 11 teams of 43 people are trading (all over the world) and the returns are booked on a weekly basis. Because the websites are offline, we naturally do not receive any e-mail of the returns made, but these will be added to the new website.

The members of Five Winds are confronted with a necessary capital cut of 73%. This is not a problem because the assets of those who have reinvested their returns neatly all the time, partly thanks to the cumulation, have grown considerably.
The members of Agam (who have had no returns for 1.5 years) start with the same amount as they had in November 2017.

The new name:
Five Winds and Agam will continue together under 1 new name which will be announced at the launch of the new website.
The marketing company will be Questra, so all data from Lianora Swiss will be transferred to Questra.

We only send email messages to our direct members on the 1st level. The intention is that they share this information with their directs.
If your sponsor does not send any information, you can safely address him/her, but do not expect that we will include you in our email file. For those people we build this website that can be read by anyone (not copied!).

We are absolutely convinced that both Five Winds and Agam will soon make a new start under a new name and that this organization will soon be fully operational and stronger than ever!

PLEASE NOTE: It makes no further sense to ask us questions about the above subjects. These are not answered separately!

Send us an email if you want to register and we will inform you as soon as it's possible to register.

***Make sure that you login to the new website áfter official notification! There are fake websites, so be careful! 


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For Europe and the Eastern bloc countries, QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA is the official marketing company for Five Winds.
Via Lianora Swiss we can advertise and promote the business and we receive rewards in the form of QP points.
We can convert these QP points directly into the Euro.

For the rest of the world, Questra World is the official marketing company for Atlantic Global Asset Management and people in these countries can promote the business via Questra World.

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