When you decide to do business with Cleo Company, you will do business with people and those people we would like to introduce personally to you.

Miranda Geelen and Marcel Mak have been both business and private partners for over 17 years. As parents of a complex family with 3 daughters and two sons and a daily-growing company, peace and quiet is more a luxury than regularity.
Both have a background as self-employed entrepreneurs in real estate & financial services,
Miranda also managed 400 staff at an international hotel chain while Marcel was founding partner of an international assetmanagment company.
Before they started with Cleo Company, both had a management position at an international customer card organization. Miranda as Regional Manager Belgium and Marcel was in charge of the Netherlands in the same position.
During the 7 years they have worked with this organization, they have learned how to network at any level, and during that time they also managed to build a network of thousands of people.
All this provided a vast amount of knowledge and experience, are now all of that is brought together in Cleo Company!

"Work hard and always be available for your network ..." is the creed that Miranda and Marcel attend to daily and try teach this to their customers, many of whom are also building a network.
"Networking is mainly a team sport ...", said Marcel, who mainly accounts for the front office. "Just by passing the ball to each other, motivating each other when it feels like things just don't go your way and passing on what you have learned, you build a solid network of like-minded people whose success will be a logical consequence. This is why we are frequently asked to take over a presentation or to do the first introductory talks and the registration for someone. In this way, we will teach people how to build a network while earning, a win-win situation ... ".
"I've always remembered the lyrics from that Sam Cook song, and it helps..." added Marcel.

There have been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will

Miranda is mainly responcible for the back office and focuses mainly on informing, supervising and answering questions. "Not everyone is equally useful with a computer, or it's just a reassuring thought that they will be assisted in completing registrations or reinvesting on certain programs. Just by giving them personal attention, we can add value to the programs offered ... ", said Miranda.
"But because I can not be in 100 places at the same time I use Skype a lot, so I can see and speak to dozens of people daily and I can help them in the meantime. Ultimately, it's about trust, and it helps when people can talk to us personally, even if there is a display between us ... ".

It's that human aspect where Cleo Company can make a difference. For Miranda and Marcel, their customers have become more like partners. Collaborate, learn from each other and get to know new people, these are the cornerstones of Cleo Company.

We hope to welcome you as one of our new partners soon!

The strength of Cleo Company is in its simplicity
Cleo Company brings together parties through an ever-growing network of entrepreneurs and consumers. We do this, for example, by giving company presentations and through personal contact. There is a clear line of communication and cooperation is paramount.

Cleo Company aims to select programs for you based on the following features:

  •     Low entry fee
  •     Building a network is possible but not necessary
  •     Attractive yield
  •     Low risk
  •     No sales of products
  •     Structure of passive income by means of cumulating
  •     100% of the participants have to make money!

We test each program extensively by participating ourselves, which means we are better able to inform and guide you. In a number of cases, we know the founders of the programs personally so that we can provide information quickly and adequately, which gives you a significant edge in your chosen business.

What can you expect from Cleo Company?

  •  Up-To-Date information
  •  Personal guidance in the field of information / registration / continuation
  •  Personal support in conducting recommendations
  •  Clear "How to" presentations
  •  24/7 support

Cleo Company can also advise and assist you in composing your personal and company presentation or workshop.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Please contact us for a personal conversation or more information without any obligations. We will be pleased to inform you about all of the benefits you may have with Cleo Company.