Automatic trading by Artificial Intelligence  


Product: AI-powered trading bot trading on the NY Stock Exchange
Indicator: technical analysis and current news indicators
Patent: a patented GPT model (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)
App: in addition to the Desktop version, an App can be downloaded from Google Play
Company: Quopi Ltd. is located in the UK under number: 145902591
Return: a daily average from monday till friday of 1% - 4% in 2023
Starting amount: minimum $10 payable in various cryptocurrencies
Duration: 30 days with return of initial investment
Operating profit: Quopi earns a 5% commission
Network: optional with an increasing commission of up to 10% of each investment
Reinvesting: see bottom of this page.
Please note: a new package is purchased for you with each (re)investment. You cannot add to a current package!
Important: read our Important page and get your deposit back as soon as possible so that you do not incur any losses. The company is registered in Great Britain but does not have a broker. So your money is gone when the company closes its doors.

Starting amount:
Option 1: minimum $10, payable in various cryptocurrencies, from Mon to Fri with an average of 2% per day = AI Stock trader
Option 2: at least $500, payable in various cryptocurrencies, from Monday to Sunday with an average of 3.78% per day = AI Crypot trader (online from January, but click on the Whitelist in Settings then it is possible to be invited for the test phase.) At the very bottom of the page, the first results are visible from my upline, in which an effective 25.75% profit was made in the first week.

REGISTRATION: click HERE to quickly and easily create an account

Deposit: click HERE for a tutorial on how to invest with the crypto: Bitcoin - Tether TRC20 - Ripple - Dogecoin - Litecoin or Tron
Withdrawal: click HERE for a tutorial on how to withdraw funds directly and without costs
Tutorials: click HERE for all other tutorials
Support: from Mon to Fri
Support Telegram: @quopi_support_ai


      After 24 from 30 days, our return is already 41.13%...!!!


      After 25 days 43.26%    


Advice: You should seek advice from a suitably licensed independent financial adviser and ensure you have the risk appetite, relevant experience, and knowledge before trading. The past performance of a Quopi AI trading instrument is not a reliable indicator of its future performance.

Cryptocurrency markets are unregulated services not subject to any specific regulatory framework.

Also, read our Belangrijk page!     


At the end of the term or if your return is $10 or more, you can reinvest as follows:
In your back office, click on Stake Funds in the Manage Funds menu      


Click the currency of which you have at least $10 in your account balance
Then click on Platform Balance (that's your wallet in your back office)         


The blue color shows the amount you can reinvest (or withdraw via Withdrawal)
Enter the amount in Your Staked Sum and click on the blue Stake Quopi AI trader button.


First week yield of the AI Crypto Trader: