Mining Altcoins Saving Bitcoin


General: Buy 1 or more packages and receive BTC paid out daily. Altcoins are mined for you 24/7 (much faster than Bitcoin) and the profits are immediately converted into Bitcoin
Product: A Smart Mining Protocol that surpasses traditional Bitcoin mining methods. 100% passive for you!
Price: from $25 - $50,000. The more expensive the package, the higher the hash rate (computing power) (see mining pool rewards in the image)
Return: Daily in Bitcoin (average ROI per day: 0.78% - per week: 5.48% - per month: 23.75%*
Please note: this does not reflect future returns beginning October 28, 2023. The real-time returns are visible in your back office at Mining Rewards
Halving: The Bitcoin halving will take place around April 2024. Your accumulated Bitcoin is expected to become worth much more!
Withdrawal: 24/7, but take transaction costs into account. Aladino itself does not charge a fee!
Network: Building a network is not necessary, but it is very simple and lucrative
Membership freeze: ***This exclusive program will stop registering new members once $100 million is reached
Of course, the income continues!
Required: A MetaMask wallet with a USDT wallet address

Registration: Register via THIS link after your MetaMask wallet has been created. 
                        Buy one or more of the 8 packages between $25 to $50,000 and sit back and relax.
                        Click on Become a member in your back office at My Network and send the referral link to all your friends.

Support using print screens: click HERE for the registration process                  
                                                  click HERE for the MetaMask transfers 

Why tell people?

-Because everyone you know is having their bank savings eaten up by inflation. 
  Maybe their savings are still intact over 1 year, but their purchasing power has
  fallen considerably. Aladino does not promise fixed returns, but the return on your investment will be much better than your savings!

-Because with all the other programs you worked hard to build a network, of which in the end only a
   small percentage of people were active. At Aladino, no one has to do anything after the 1st purchase, except withdraw money
   if they want. The buyer receives the ROI every day and the upline always receives commission during the technical
   lifespan of the mining computers.

-Because spread over 1 year, you will receive the same amount from Aladino as the total amount of your network
    invested between September 28, 2023, and October 28, 2023.

Some examples of returns achieved in the test phase:

1: They invested $99,600 in the altcoin Neurai and ran it in 66 machines. The ROI in June – July – August 2023 was $44,875 or 44,074% per day!

2: In the altcoin Dynex they invested the same amount in the same machines and from March to July 2023 they made a profit of $180,000. That's a 173% gain over 5 months or 1.13% per day. This is all verifiable on the internet.