Cleo Capital

Cleo Capital is a growing network of independent professionals who work together in the field of mediation and supervision of project financing at a company level.

From the existing network, Cleo Capital is regularly asked to mediate in, among other things, obtaining financing for the development of a new product, financing or mediation in the field of project development or finding investors and participants for companies.

Project and business financing
Cleo Capital is an independent intermediary for companies. We are not a financial advisor, no financing organization, no bank, and no investor, but what are we?
We are a team of professionals, each with his or her own expertise that is used to achieve a common goal, your goal!
Based on these competencies, we not only use our own knowledge and experience but also bring our business relations to the table in order to offer a thorough service and to get answers to the questions you have.


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What are we doing?

  • We advise and guide you in setting up a business plan;
  • We mediate in the area of project financing and find the perfect partner for your project;
  • We mediate between client and project developers;
  • We help find financing for both companies and investment projects;
  • We can, in certain cases, place project financing directly with major banks and thus have a unique position;
  • We look for the answers to the questions you have!

Cleo Capital works on the basis of 100% mutual trust.
Only financially solid companies with good continuity prospects are in principle eligible for project financing or mediation. Project financing concerns the financing of projects that depend on the cash flow generated by the project for the reimbursement. This can be a separate investment project or the financing of a complete company.
Project financing has been used worldwide for decades in the most diverse sectors. Partly due to the liberalization of the international money and capital markets, this financing technique is now much more widely applicable and is gaining in popularity. In practice, Cleo Capital applies project financing to, among other things, commercial real estate, shipbuilding, but also company takeovers and refinancing situations.

A mediation by Cleo Capital offers several advantages. Because the expertise is present within the network, an acceleration of the process is possible and the client only needs to make available the relevant information once on which the chance of "leaking" is drastically reduced.

This method also ensures that only serious requests are forwarded to the financing parties that can respond more quickly.

Before you can make an appointment with us, you must first complete the Client Information Sheet form as completely as possible.