The Next Generation Social Media Platform!                Worldwide prosperity for all!

  • Product: Social Media Platform 
  • Participation: After launching livelong FREE membership including a gift of $344 cash (with an option to Upgrade).
  • Upgrade-Participation: For only $ 97 a Top spot in the matrix before millions of people register for free!
  • Registration: Free referral link will be released after launch. Upgrade link on request due to a limited number of places.
  • Profit: From $ 344 with inactive participation to infinity ...
  • Payout: Daily...unlimited
  • Activity: Like & Share
  • Influencers: More earning possibilities than with other Social Media + for the 1st time also earn their followers !!!
  • Network: Building an optional network with Upgrade members and/or free members
  • Vitae-token:  (Proof of Stake), Masternodes, Supernodes, and earnings through Social Media Platform Vitae
  • Video teaser: Click HERE

Exclusive and free for Upgrade members: a 7-day recruiting challenge by Eric Worre from November 11-17. Learn from the best how you can recruit more people in 1 week than you normally would in 1 year.

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We have been introduced to a brand new social media platform that actually pays you for being active on their platform! 
Stay in contact with your friends and family and meet new friends while making money by posting, liking & sharing as usual.
This platform is still in Bêta but will be going live in a few months.
We are already participating as an upgraded member. We would be very happy if we could add you to our list so we can send you our link to participate when they open to the public. We would also like to give you the opportunity to earn from something you do for free every day! 



To add you to our list of new members, we only need your email address and phone number
(This data will only be used to inform and introduce you to the platform in accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Get ready! Send your email to stating 'Free registration Vitae'.