This weekend, the team from Cleo Company will attend this 3-day unique, state-of-the-art, immersive training along with 40,000 leaders and professionals from around the world, hosted by Eric Worre of the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery.

Top trainers and speakers share their knowledge and experience, provide hundreds of ideas, strategies, insights, and experiences to take your business to the next level and we share (a small piece) of this knowledge with anyone who cannot be present at the event.

Everyone knows by now that attending events or organizing personal meetings is not an option in these corona times. At Cleo Company we understand that giving presentations via Zoom or Skype is not for everyone. That is why Cleo Company ensures that with our website we provide you with the tools with which you can build and support a network, in an almost passive way, so that you are offered the opportunity to become financially independent as well as independent of an upline!

All you have to do is to refer your friends, family, and acquaintances to our website, where you only need to provide your own referral link of the program concerned so that they can register with you.

The world is changing, and whether you like it or not, we have to change with it. That's what leaders do, we seek solutions and adapt. We find opportunities in new challenges and we embrace the idea that there is a way to deal with every obstacle.
Entrepreneurs and leaders know that they must continue to train for this, must continue to learn to pass on what they have learned.

As you are used to from us, we give you the highlights that you can use to support and guide your organization to success.
You can find the highlights of this training in our Knowledge Base where we have created a special chapter for this unique training.



Use our website as a 3rd party and give your network the support they deserve!