When you have decided to participate in a certain program it is logical that you try to get as much information as possible. Many people then decide to become a member of a Telegram or WhatsApp group that has been specifically started for the program in which they participate.
Unfortunately, serious people leave soon because many users do not understand how to behave there.
Try to understand that such a group sometimes consists of hundreds to thousands of people who all receive a signal when one of the members posts a message, whether this is a serious informative message or a simple emoji.
When every member gives a thumbs up (or down) again and again after reading a message, this means that everyone in the group receives a signal that something has been posted again. This is extremely inconvenient and over time annoying, with the result that people soon say goodbye to the group.

So here are some rules of conduct:
• Realize that it is a business platform, behave accordingly;
• Most questions have ever been asked before, search the history first before you ask a question (this becomes more difficult when you first have to scroll through hundreds of nonsensical messages and emoji's ...);
• Ask personal questions in a private message;
• It is not a social media platform so there is no need to respond to a post with a thumbs up or a meaningless response;
• When you write something, realize that everyone can read it, so stay polite, businesslike and concise;
• You invest in a business program with a professional company, it is NOT a family!
• A Telegram or WhatsApp group is often an initiative of private individuals who are just like you, so it is NOT an official channel of the company, so treat the information you receive there accordingly;

Although these types of groups can certainly be useful, it is important that you first contact your upline with questions. Don't be tempted to join the group emotion that can arise on such a platform, realize that anxious people often seek confirmation from other anxious people ...
So don't be tempted to go along with a certain emotion, but draw your own conclusions based on the right information or discuss your questions with your upline.
Good luck!