Product: cryptocurrency with Guarantee (underlying physical gold value)
Unique: 1st Sharia approved crypto
Awards: won 4 important awards
Participation: choice of 5 packages € 388 - € 888 - € 2,888 - € 5,888 - € 8,888
Return: through value increase gold/purchase gold/market of supply and demand                              
Level: easy, no experience needed
Network: optional but very rewarding to infinitely deep
Explain: very simple and understandable
Company: registered and certified since 2014
Limit: 12.400.786 coins
Insurance: coin value cannot drop further than underlying gold value
Founder: Ibrahim Mohammed

No one may directly or indirectly place websites and/ or advertisements about this company or its products,
that is why we limit ourselves to the registration process a.d.

Through Skype, we can give you personal information about this unique coin!

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