• Product: Bitcoin trading platform (passive income)
  • Participation: from $ 100 in Bitcoin
  • Yield: approx. 1,5 - 2.5% per week (working days)
  • Compounding: yes
  • Activity: 100% automatic trading/ bonus manual compounding
  • Withdrawl: daily without limit (see VIDEO)
  • NEW: Bitcoin card: usable at 60 million locations. Click HERE
  • Level: easy, no experience required
  • Networking: optional *
  • Explain: very easy
  • Company: registered since April 2019
  • CEO: Johann Steynberg
  • Video presentation: click HERE
  • Video presentation for networkers: click HERE
  • Interview with CEO by Crypto Analyzer: watch HERE or a short video HERE
  • Broker: FXChoise (highly regulated with over 10 years of impeccable reputation)
  • Law Firm: Ulrich Roux & Associates
  • Official Facebook group: click HERE
  • Calculator: click HERE and see the difference between 12 and 24 months...

Latest news from the board of MTI: click HERE

*Crypto Analyzer examines investment platforms and conducts Due Diligence for investors (see image).
More information can be found HERE and in the video mentioned above.

* Building a network is interesting because there is a chance of overspill of your upline, even before you have a referral yourself
   (see image below)

Once your money has been deposited, trading and compounding will start automatically. Your fully invested capital is traded.
The deposit will be scanned manual and can take up to 12 hours, depending on the time and day of the deposit.

Funds in the Income Wallet like bonuses and referral fees, will NOT be traded unless you manually transfer it to the Trading Pool.
Watch HERE how to transfer the bonus in your Wallet section/ Internal Fund transfer.
You also can decide to withdraw the BTC immediately. 

Withdrawing money is free of charge and you do not pay any registration costs, administration costs, or cancellation costs.

The 100% returns are distributed as follows:

  1. Members 40%
  2. Trader 25%
  3. Binary commission 20%
  4. Company MTI 10%
  5. Leader bonus 5%

The average daily return in the period September 2019 - April 2020 was 0.5334% including compounding.
Members received 141.76% during this 8-month period.

* Please note: we are not financial advisers / the daily returns may vary / past performance is no guarantee for performances in the            future / also read our Important /Belangrijk page!

Earning opportunities:

  • Trading every working day / 100% automatic
    No conditions
  • Application fee 10%
                                       Condition: Minimum deposit of $ 100 in BTC
  • Binary commission 20% of the profit is distributed proportionally 
    Condition: Your own investment should be, at least, $ 200 in BTC
                                                         You have to register 2 members with a minimum of $ 100 each in BTC (1 left and 1 right                                                         binary)
  • Leadership bonus 2.5% weekly of the profit
                                        Condition: see the presentation on the MTI website
    *Profits are added the day after the trading day. Commissions are added after 7 days.


  1. Click HERE to create an account or look HERE for more information and then click 'Become a member'.
  2. Click on Wallet selection / Add funds and
    * Generate your unique BTC code and copy this code because this is the code where you can deposit your BTC (VIDEO)
    * After 3 blockchain confirmations, your BTC will automatically be in your trading account.
       NB: Most bitcoin providers do not do business with trading companies, so preferably use one of these bitcoin
              wallets: blockchain.com, Uphold, Exodus, Binance, or a hardware wallet (eg a Ledger Nano S).
  3. If you don't have a Bitcoin-wallet you can create an account HERE

Copy your referral link and invite people (optional)
All other necessary information is available on the MTI website.
We do not offer personal support for this program!