• Activity: Passive daily minting of coins (not mining) at extremely low energy costs
  • Company: Juwelis Digital Systems of Safir International Limited
  • Product: a decentralized hardware wallet with minting (Hub) for Euro with Iban and various cryptos
  • Participation: various packages from € 100 - € 330,000
  • Registration: click HERE but read our Important page first!
  • Return: From 1/32 (from 103 coins Per Day) to 26,368 Per Day (= 9,624,320 coins the 1st year)
  • Withdrawal: Daily ... unlimited and tradable from February 2021 on various exchanges and 130 companies
  • Network: optional and rewarding up to 69%
  • Companies: The Juwelis Group has 20 companies in Switzerland and 20 companies distributed around the world including Stemcell research and treatments / Medyco Health Resort / Wind turbines / Smart Farming / Smart Water / Smart Housing etc.
  • Acceptance points: Currently these companies are already accepting the Juwelis coin. Click HERE
  • Exchange: the coin will arrive on various (large) exchanges in mid-February 2021

What is a Masternode?
All information is stored in the blockchain over a large network of computers.
Every computer is a node (node) that stores a small piece of this information.
At the same time, a full copy of all information must be hosted. This is done by a Masternode (a master node).
As a reward, the owner of the Masternode receives crypto coins.

  1. The Juwelis physical Hub generates a private key that is not created via the internet (as is the case with all other 12 or 24 words)
  2. The Juwelis Hub will become the most popular portal for digital investments and will be one of the Top exchanges
  3. The Juwelis Hub is 100% your own bank for crypto and euros, so KYC is not necessary
  4. The Juwelis Hub can be used for regular Sepa bank payments (but this time also for very large amounts!); crypto payments; withdrawals via crypto ATMs and Payment service provider (similar to PayPal / Bitpay)
  5. The Juwelis Hub is linked to an App
  6. The Juwelis Hub is not of interest to hackers (nobody knows how much money is in your wallet and they have to hack the wallets 1 by 1. Hackers do not know whether they are doing all that effort for € 5 or for example € 5,000,000. This is in contrast to exchanges and other platforms where all accounts are hacked at once and where the total amount is known
  7. The Juwelis Hub can of course be broken or stolen, but a thief can at most steal your own set daily limit, but as soon as a new Hub is purchased, all other assets/amounts are directly on your new Hub
  8. The Hub does not take care of the minting, but the Masternodes on the Blockchain

Up to 24,000 Hubs can mint (9,000 had already been sold on 31-01-2021).
Every year in February there is a halving, but due to the limited number of coins and the use, the coin will increase in value considerably.
Attached a very conservative forecast, but a value of € 0.20 - € 1 by the end of 2021 is not excluded!

Example with a market value of, for example, € 1 at the end of 2021:
With the hardware wallet, you will receive 103 Juwelis coins per day in the 1st year for 365 days = 37,595 coins = € 37,595, -
With the most expensive package of €330,0000, - you will receive 103 x 256 Juwelis coins per day for 365 days = 9,624,320 coins =
€ 9,624,320, -
Note: in February 2021 there will be a halving and the number of coins per day will slowly decrease to about 50 per day.

    Mag. Erwin Dokter          Dr. Dr. Michael Ofner         Steffen Bastian               Evelyn Bernet                 Jan Bollmeyer
    MBA, CEO                      MBA, COO                         Founder & CEO             CAO & COO                    Chief of Sales
    Member of the Board      Member of the Board          Chairman of the board   Member of the Board      Chief Marketing Officer

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