The Five Winds Asset Management investment fund has holidays from December 25, to January 12, 2017.
During these Holidays, the marketing department, technical support and security service will continue their work as usual.

The year 2017 has turned out to be a difficult year, but nonetheless, they have been able to perform their tasks and they can proudly announce that they have achieved their goals.
Many favorable contracts have been signed and by constantly improving the investment fund, one of the most important priorities, they can ensure that they can continue to function steadily (read stable returns).

During the holidays they use their free time to plan and create an even more successful business model.
Employees visit a number of seminars and training courses to improve their professionalism and of course they will be able to spend time with their family.

Congratulations to everyone with the successful completion of 2017 and let the year 2018 bring us even more.