• Activity: a fully automatic trading bot 
  • Extra option: manual trading
  • Safety: Nobody can touch your money! Digiebot can only use your money for trading through API 
  • Profit: the bot sees where major purchases and sales are made. Negative trades are held until it yields a positive result! 
    See the image below for my results on June 10, 2022
  • Payment: Returns are credited to your exchange account daily in BTC or USDT
  • Compounding: Daily automatic compounding 
  • Network: Optional 
  • Support: live chat, live training, how-to-do videos, and interactive social community
  • Registration: click HERE to sign up and choose a trading package of a minimum of $100 in BTC
  • Participation: The trading package  is used to automatically collect a 0.5% fee per trade
  • Video: Watch HERE a presentation of the CTO with achieved return results
  • Telegramgroup: click HERE
  • Skype: click HERE
  • Facebookgroup: click HERE
  • Company: CTO and co-founder Doug Kyle; Co-founder Mudasser Abbas; Trading expert Brendan Duff
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They use the latest advanced technology.
This coupled with over 40 years of trading experience and algorithm development to deliver state-of-the-art trading software with both fully automated and simplified manual trading capabilities.
Whether you are new to trading and/or the Crypto Currency universe or a seasoned trader, they are committed to providing and developing our platform with the tools and intelligence needed to help you trade as a professional, today and for years to come.



What is the difference...Most of the bots in the market use lagging indicators to determine entry and exit, and many of them will cause your account to be significantly depreciated by holding a coin for too long.
DigieBot uses Time & Sales, the current Order Book, and Volume to determine entry and exit.


These were the results of August 2021:


     Via THIS link you will see an Excel sheet from Digiebot.
     When you click on the tab 'Compounding' you will see that it is 
     possible, after approximately 1.5 years and with a trading amount of
     $1,000, to make $251,000 in R.O.I.



 The higher the amount of money in your account
  is, the more the Bot can trade for you.








Getting started: a step-by-step explanation
In your back office, you will see the link "Onboarding Dashboard" below. This link will help you step-by-step with creating your account.



Please note: this website is only intended for those who, on the basis of the above instructions, can arrange everything themselves.
If necessary, ask a reliable friend or family member to help you with the start-up.